Sport injury

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We walk the talk!

Because of our office location, our 30 years in Palm Beach Gardens, and our superb reputation, we have seen in this office among the best athletes in the world of Golf Tennis and Baseball; we do not post any celebrity pictures in our office or ask for any autograph as we pride ourselves in being  discreet humble and confident.

For years Dr. Dubarry followed a professional soccer team in France.

Dr. Dubarry is a black belt in Judo, swims 4 hours a week, bikes to the office from Hobe-Sound and gets up every morning at 5h.30 AM.

He walks the talk and will certainly motivate and inspire you to be active, drug-free, and positively minded.

Doctor Dubarry followed a professional training course for sports physician CCSP and has included in his publications entire chapters dedicated to athlete's injuries.  

We see  many local high school athletes, either coming on their own or send by the coach.

If you currently suffer from a sports-related injury, you may have been in pain for several months and have not been able to resolve the issue, 

call us up at Dubarry Chiropractic 561 622 9197.

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Sport injury


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