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Family practice

Our patients start as young kids almost infant up to great grand parents with our oldest patient being currently 98 years old. This diversity is the base of a broad approach based on kindness, family trust and generational faithfullness

The conditions helped by chiropractic are multiple and diverse, sciatica to tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis many conditions are helped by treating the spine.

A non exhaustive list could include: headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, intercostal neuritis, painful scoliosis, radiculopathie, shin splint plantar fasciitis, etc…



Doctor Dubarry when he addresses fellow doctors during his seminars at National or International association has this statement.

“For any pain in any extremity, the differential diagnostic should be done by first treating the spine (adjusting the spine)”

Spinal Manipulation is prior to any else an excellent tool for “differential diagnostic”

Currently in the XXI century

there are no tools which permit to visualize pain.

The origin of pain is mostly “assumed” chiropractic treatment confirm the origin!



many patients will come in with a severe knee pain (as in sciatica) but the pain is created by a nerve pinched in the back. Now if this patient has on top of that, a bad knee, there is no way to know for any doctors, if his pain his coming from the low back or from the knee.

The only way to differentiate where is the pain coming from is to treat the low back at least one time and observe if there is a change.

No change in the pain pattern…………..Then the patient may be directed toward an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation

Change in the pain pattern.………………The patient has confirmation that part of the pain is back related and he should start a treatment.

Because there are no tools which permit to visualize pain the legal profession can enjoy many years of good “business” as only God really knows how much pain is felt by a patient.


Pain is certainly important but not the most important finding LOSS OF FUNCTION is often the forgotten signs of a problem. The patient thinks he is healthy but,

Example: Patient does not sleep well, is always tired and when ask to turn his head one side turns half what does the other side. This example is seen almost daily in a chiropractic office, no pain but a loss of function that will get worst and unbeknown to the patient will lead to irreversible problems in the neck.

If you cherish your health and would like a thorough examination performed by one top examiner call us up.  561 622 9197

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Family practice

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