You are traveling and you need a good chiropractic treatment.

What are the issues?

You want someone good that will either take over a treatment already started or start a treatment that you continue back home. In any case, you want continuity of treatment. If something has worked for you before, you would rather try that first, prior to start something else.


The problem:

Chiropractor as physical therapist or osteopath do not usually document their treatment for exact duplication by a peer. In other word, it is extremely rare to know what has exactly been done on a patient from the documentation handed out by a peer. If you have changed chiropractor before, you have experienced firsthand that they almost never work in an identical manner.

The solution:

In this office we document your treatment for duplication by a peer. Dr.Dubarry has published “the chiropractic bible” on this subject lecturing world-wide about it.

As you leave to go back home, you will have:

  • A printed “technical chart” describing each technique performed on you with a rigorous precision; we could compare this technical chart to the menu of a restaurant where each dish lists the ingredients but also the way they are cooked.

  • Pre-made video of the different techniques that can be checked on line by your home doctor. in certain case we will solicit you to be the patient on this video, we have a full professional studio built in the office.

  • All your XRays on a CD Rom so you can store them on line without fear of loosing them

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You are a new patient


You are Traveling 

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Home Visit?