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Different Types of Electrical Currents Used:

  • Interferential current for pain control 

  • Sinusoidal current for some types of muscle work

  • Russian stimulation current to bring muscle mass 

  • And many more…..

Different Type of Modalities

  • Ultrasound used for deep heating and healing of tendons or frozen shoulders; excellent to break down small calcium deposit in rotator cuff tendon.

  • Directional Vibration Therapy  a very fast short amplitude light percussion modality extremely powerful in relieving joint pain .

  • ArthroStim: Delivers punctual impulse repetitive in nature; prepares and signals the brain, spinal cord, nerves, muscle, ligaments and tendons to cooperate with the adjustment.

  • Activator

  • Laser Avant Lz-30 has many settings that are specific for the target tissue type and desired effect.  The most powerful cold laser available

  • Traction is used on patients presenting some specific criteria. Traction in the low back can be divided in axial traction and flexion distraction. A flexion–distraction table is highly effective in specific types of disc herniation. As the table moves down the inferior portion of the patient’s body, it is pulled away from the trunk creating a slight separation of the lumbar vertebras and forces the herniated disc off the nerve root. Conditions such as a specific type of sciatica, stenosis, arthrosis are treated using this table.

The office has over six different tables on site each serving different needs; this wide choice allows the doctor to provide his patients with a more adapted tool to a specific condition.

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