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What is An Adjustment or a Specific Spinal Manipulation?

It is the mechanical treatment of the spine at the level of a single joint. The joint is usually affected by a lack of motion or by a disruption in its positioning. The doctor uses a system of patient preparation and patient positioning, which increases the precision of the corrective movement (also called adjustment). Specific Spinal Manipulation is difficult to master which explains why only a small fraction of current practitioners use it extensively.

What is good about Specific Spinal Manipulation?

  • It is very comfortable for the patient. Small, petite women tend to prefer it.

  • It is highly effective as it often fixes the root of the problem.

  • It is very safe and even extremely acute patients can be treated this way.

  • It is flexible as it can be use on normal adults, elderly patients or even children.

  • It is elegant as the patient perceives this precision as a sign of dexterity and professionalism from his doctor.

For years, it was argued that precision on a multiple, very close joint system such as the spine was impossible. Doctor DuBarry has spent a good portion of his recent professional life demonstrating the opposite. He has spent the last ten years teaching seminars in multiple countries on the subject and is the main focus of his new book. If you want to know a little bit more about it you can check his CV or the DocuRehab website.

What will be different when I am treated with Specific Spinal Manipulation?

  • Usually you will feel a single very light click just below the doctor’s finger.

  • The doctor’s hand barely moves.

  • It is not painful.

  • The doctor uses many different techniques, many more than you are probably used to if you have been treated before.

  • You almost always experience an increase in the range of motion of the joint articulation following the treatment.

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