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Chiropractic home visit is the choice wanted by a very few patients. The decision is made on a case by case basis. Patients reasons to ask for home visits range from, privacy required, acuteness of a specific condition, security reasons, etc…

Home visits is a service offered only in a radius of 25 miles from Palm Beach Gardens; timing is out of the regular office business hours unless planed two weeks in advance.

We recommend:

  • All arrangements must be made in advance.

  • The more information you can provide us ahead of time, the more effective the treatment will be.

  • Providing us with the name and phone number of your current treating doctor (we usually call him/her prior to your treatment).

  • If applicable, provide us with imaging, blood work, and medical records.

    We will bring the equipment with us.
    If you have the equipment already in place, please let us know what type:

    • A single massage table (height from the ground).

    • A table that can go up and down.

  • Financial arrangements must be made prior to the visit.

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