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About Dr. Etienne DuBarry


Dr. Etienne DuBarry was born in Bordeaux, France, studied in a Jesuit secondary school, obtained a scientific baccalaureate, and studied biology/biochemistry. Dr. DuBarry then enrolled in the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, the second-oldest chiropractic school in the States where he obtained his doctorate in 1982. Dr. DuBarry practiced in France for six years before settling in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
Dr. Etienne Dubarry is licensed in North Carolina and Florida, is an active member of the Palm Beach Chiropractic Society and the Florida Chiropractic Association. He is also fluent in five languages.

Published Textbooks by Dr. DuBarry

Currently, there are less than 20 books on chiropractic Spinal Manipulations are available in the world; you can see three of them below. These works have been done over a span of 30 years and the publication started in 2016. There are 700 pages of text, 1000 illustrations, and over 300 HD videos.

Current Teaching Function

Affiliation with university 

Professional seminars

Dr. Dubarry is on the review board of the chiropractic department of Keiser University West Palm Beach 

Dr.Dubarry maintains a series of teaching seminar world-wide through the company: ADJUST FOR SUCCESS

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Dr. Dubarry is on the roster as a speaker of multiples states association in the US and Abroad.

Dr. Dubarry speaks English, Spanish, French.

Being Fluent in several languages allows us to better serve the community.

As an expert witness often required to go to court, this characteristic is key to report with exactness from the patient's mouth to the typed notes.

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