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Office Protocols

We practice a certain way, YOUR WAY!


We treat patients in individual rooms as we do not use an "open-space" style of practice. 


We are "hands-on" meaning that we do not delegate your treatment to a machine - we examine your movements prior treating you and after treating you. (Doctor's hands are still the best tool.)


We use custom techniques for each patient, meaning that Dr. DuBarry does not limit his practice to a single approach. Among these custom techniques, some we like to use are "Gonstead," "Activator," Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)", Diversified, "Myofascial Release," "Active myofascial release", "Graston" among others. (If you are used to be treated a certain way by someone else, we are not going to change that.)


Treatment on each visit will often be different dependent on patient needs; you will be able to visually observe this diversity, evidencing a true custom approach.  Each visit, we adapt to changes observed from the last treatment. There is no routine!

Dr. DuBarry has created, designed, and published the pedagogic system, now used in the most advanced chiropractic colleges world wide. The system consists of training the student to practice and master each therapeutic movement individually, prior to execution on a patient - a technique never taught before. A series of several hundred videos were created for this purpose. 

We cherish a multi-disciplinary approach!

The integration of several disciplines is the foundation of the clinic with the patient being the center of care. The patient's well being is the only preoccupation while in our care and we utilize a team which plays in concert to create a unique synergy involving our Medical Doctor, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Acupuncturists.

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