Why Videos?

For the patient:

Often we need to give some information to the patient and we are limited by time; a quick video is a great tool to deliver the information effectively.

You will see video of training exercises that you can do etc......

For the doctor

Our patients travel south during the winter and often we get calls from up North in the summer asking us what exactly was done on the patient. Often the technique is difficult to describe over the phone; we find it easier to refer the doctor to a specific video this way  the continuity of the treatment is kept to the benefit of the patient.

We also use an electronic system that keeps your treatment as animated icons on line in a password protected site. You the patient is able to review at any time your treatment and you can share it with your doctor upnorth.

Living in Palm Beach Gardens, we have treated many high level athletes in Golf, Tennis, Baseballs for the most. Those athletes travel and are confronted with a major problem when pain arise: continuity of treatment." So with Video, Animated icons, Electronic online recording, we have solved one of the major problem of the industy.

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