Specific Muscle Work

Muscles have an extremely important function in your body. They bring motion between the solid elements constituted by your bone. Muscles work in synergy, while one contracts (agonist) the opposite relaxes (antagonist). Any perturbation in the function of one muscle affects this synergy, which eventually leads to perturbation in the movement and pain to you the patient.

Different treatments of the muscles are used in the office, all of them involve the doctor directly touching the affected area. 

Post Neural Facilitation (PNF) is a muscle energy technique where the doctor/therapist asks his patient to contract a muscle prior to stretching it. 

Myo-Fascial Therapy is a broad system using a deep friction on muscles to force them to slide in a specific layer that often is immobile or “tegumented”.

Graston Technique is a system of muscular work using a specific set of steel instrumentation designed to follow the muscle anatomy and permitting the therapist to gently strip muscular fiber presenting restriction. Graston therapy is quite impressive as at times it solves problems present for years that were resistant to many other therapies.

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