Chiropractic Adjustment

We treat patients in individual rooms as we do not use an "open-space" style of practice.

We are "hands-on" meaning: we do not delegate your treatment to a machine - we examine your movements prior to treating you.

We use custom techniques for each patient, meaning that Dr. Dubarry does not limit his practice to a single approach. Among these custom techniques, some we like to use are "Gonstead," "Activator," Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)", Diversified, "Myofascial Release," "Active myofascial release", among others.

Each treatment will be initially different and you will be able to visually observe that difference. There is no routine.

The adjustments made by Dr. Dubarry is one of the most precise in the industry. Dr. Dubarry has created, designed, and published the pedagogic system, now used in the most advance chiropractic colleges world wide. The system consists of training the student to practice and master each therapeutic movement individually, prior to execution on a patient - a technique never taught before. A series of several hundred videos were created for this purpose. 

Below is a clip of a therapeutic technique in practice, prior to execution on a patient. 

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