Multidisciplinary Chiropractic Approach

The integration of several disciplines is the foundation of the clinic; the patient is the center of the care. The patient's well being is the only preoccupation while in our care and we utilize a team which plays in concert to create a unique synergy involving our Medical Doctor, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Acupuncturists.

Shared Knowledge

This shared knowledge is amazing for many of our patients who are flabbergasted to see several professionals who may interview them at the same times. The truth is we are constantly learning from each other and from our patients. This shared experience is one of the most rewarding that we all agree upon.

1. Specific Spinal Manipulation
2. Chiropractic Adjustment
3. Acupuncture
4. Electrical Therapy
5. Exercises-Prescription
6. Massage Therapy
7. Nutrition
8. Pediatric treatment
9. Physical Therapy
10. Specific Muscle Work