First Visit: What should you expect?

The doctor will start with a detailed history which will be framed by the different answers that you will have provided to us on your intake sheet. This process will take from 10 minutes up to a half hour. It is immediately followed by an examination.

The examination consists first in observing you closely, how you walk, how you get up from your chair, and how you lie down on the table. The doctor then asks you to copy the movement that he performs in front of you. Patients usually get a kick out of that, as they will bend, twist, walk on their toes and even pull their tongue out exactly as the doctor does in front of them . This enables us to evaluate you quickly for any restrictions that you may have. Then, the exam is followed by palpation reflex taking or an entire neurological or orthopedic examination. We will then go over any X-Rays you may have and explain to you how we will approach your treatment.

You will be able to ask us about the length of time, the cost, the possible alternative treatments and only you, will make the final decision.

Speedy Visit Commitment.

We have a no wait policy in the office which means that you should expect to be waiting less than 10 minutes prior to being seen by the doctor. This minimum wait time is contingent on you coming at the right time. We try very hard to offer you this convenience; should we fail, do not hesitate to tell us and we will make sure to make it up to you.

Forms to Fill Out:

To save you time at your initial visit, please feel free to print these forms and fill them out.

New Patient Form (Automobile)

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