Top of the line Chiropractic Table: This electronically regulated disc decompression table can also perform flexion and distraction. In this video the patient is treated for a nerve being "pinched" between two ribs.

Postural exercise excellent for slumped posture
 ( Any of the following exercises should be performed under doctor's recommendation)

For Patient with an L5 Antero-Spondylo-Lysthesis: 2 exercises one with a coach, the other on your own.

L5 Antero-Spondylo-Lysthesis

For patient with chronic low back pain with lack of cardio-vascular resistance:

A great way to exercise and rehabilitate a sore back while working out the cardiovascular system. There are 3 advantages to this practice
You can use a small pool without the fear to hit its side
You protect your neck from excessive and repetitive rotational stress
You create a tension on the pelvis and a decompression on the lumbars disc while actively working out. this provides superior results to many traction units. It is one of the best exercise to resorbe a disc herniation protrusion on your own; If you like to swim and suffers from a chronic low back pain; it is definitely something worth trying. 

Be Careful: Certain condition may be aggravated by this exercise Spondylolithesis is one of them; so ask us if you have some doubts. 

Office treatment for arthrosis of the thumb leading to difficulties in grabbing with the hand:

Pain in the thumb can be pluri-factoriel often associated with an irritation of the 6th cervical nerve root or from osteo-arthrosis of one of the carpal bone (the scaphoid).
The micro-percussion has an instant pain relieving action on this treatment and even more interesting it becomes long lasting when the treatment is repeated up to five times.

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