January 2016

Doctor Dubarry published a textbook on the thoracic adjustment. The 150 pages textbook has 40 videos 200 images or illustrations. It is the first of a series of three; "The Cervicale" should be published around March 2016 in English, "The Lumbar" in December 2016. The thoracic has been initially published in English, he is currently being translated in Spanish and French.

November 2015

Dr. Dubarry has been for years the lead teacher for the Chiropractic School in Chile. He was instrumental in the establishment of this profession in the this country more than 15 years ago. He was invited in December 2015  for a great celebration: the graduation of 40 new doctors from the University Catholic Central in Santiago." Sharing what you have learned is one of the biggest privilege and one of the greatest  joy of anyone in love with his/her profession".

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