Chiropractic Care in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter

In Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter—Our Chiropractic health care team is Second to none:
Our doctors and therapists have proven with years of experience, publications in professional reviews, and professional positions in their respective profession that they are among the best in their field.
Each one of them attends postgraduate training far above what is required by the state. They all have a single goal: the betterment of you, the elimination of your pain, the restoration of your mobility, and the return to a normal life with a feeling of wellness and gratitude for their services. Your opinion and  feedback matters and we constantly adjust to provide you with what will make a difference to you.

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We speak five languages in the office:
We have many expatriate patients and we see people from many different countries. We provide a tremendous service by reading test, exam and laboratory analysis in different languages.

We respect your time!

Emergency care: We see new patients the same day if possible; you will rarely wait more than a day for an acute pain appointment.

Flexible office hours: View Hours & Locations

Moderate pricing:
We always think of ways to reduce the patient’s cash outlay. We have moderate fees, payment schedules, etc.

Beautiful environment!
We have an upscale elegant office decorated with antiques
and nested in the middle of Oak trees right in the center of Palm Beach Gardens.

Dr. Etienne DuBarry


Dr. Etienne DuBarry was born in Bordeaux, France, studied in a Jesuit secondary school, obtained a scientific baccalaureate, and studied biology/biochemistry. He then enrolled in the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, the second-oldest chiropractic school in the States. He obtained his doctorate in 1982, he went back to practice in France for 6 years, and finally settled in Palm Beach Gardens

Dr. Etienne Dubarry is licensed in North Carolina and Florida, is an active member of the Palm Beach Chiropractic Society and the Florida Chiropractic Association. He is also fluent in five languages.

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Phone: (561) 622-9197

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